A Way Of Life Wellness

Individual Coaching

Pricing is based on many factors including; total length of commitment,  a client's specific needs, and special circumstances.

Currently sessions are discounted to a limited number of clients.  Please contact Sabrina for details and to start a program today.


Helping people reach their wellness goals through lasting lifestyle changes.

          Individual coaching is client centered focusing on specific goals the client wants to discuss rather than a predetermined topic covered each week.  Individual coaching sessions are done in person or over the phone which does not require the coach and client to be in the same location. 

     Before the initial session, the client will fill out a comprehensive assessment so both coach and client can learn more about what the client would like to focus on.  The first session is generally a bit longer, lasting about 1 ½ hours, and subsequent sessions are generally ½ hour. 

     A minimum of a 3-month commitment is preferred if goals are to be achieved.  Sessions start out weekly and may change based on the needs of the client.  Weekly sessions include the session focus, discovery, and goal setting for the following week.  Coaching sessions can continue for as long as a year or more with a longer time period in between each session.  Some clients feel a periodic follow up session is all they need to maintain their goals over time.